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Happy Fourth Advent, Calva-friends. Please be quick to try out today’s release of Calva v2.0.135, with these changes: • So the first change makes some VS Code editor info available to Calva’s custom code snippets. The second change tries to make it easier to figure out what to do at the REPL prompt. (This was not too obvious, as reveals.) Now a hopefully more obvious hint tries to help and also plain enter will submit if the cursor is behind the last top level form. The third deals with the problem of the output window quickly filling up with long stack traces of mostly useless entries. As it is not really possible to know what entries in the stack trace are useful, I choose not to try filter this, but instead stop the automatic printing of stack traces. Calva now only prints the error message (which is often all you need anyway). There is now a command for printing the trace as well as a button in below the error message which executes that command. See for some info and a screenshot. Please enjoy, and please report any problems if you encounter them and we will try to be quick to issue a fix.

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Awesome enhancements simple_smile

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I just merged 371 commits into my Jack-in Terminal branch. I really should finish that PR soon. Anyway, so this is mainly to @stefan.van.den.oord, I had some merge conflicts in jack-in.ts with the Live Share fixes you provided. It wasn’t too bad afaict, but otoh I didn’t really know what I was doing. 😃 It would be nice if some Live Share Calva users took this build for a spin.


Noted 🙂 I’ll have a look soon.


@U0ETXRFEW Can you maybe point me to the merge commit that this is about, so that I can have a look at the changes?


@janne.sauvala Thank you for the sponsorship! ❤️ It is very much appreciated!

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Janne Sauvala19:12:15

Happy to sponsor - thank you for your hard work making Calva even more amazing! ❤️

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