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Heads up: today has been work-on-depstar-2.0 day: -- still quite a bit to do before I release it (and I want to actually write some automated tests for it!)


The changelog has this to say, so far: * depstar now behaves like a "tool" rather than a "library" -- you should use :replace-deps to specify it as a dependency rather than :extra-deps and it will compute the project basis from the system, user, and project deps.edn files using By default, it applies no aliases but you can specify an :aliases exec-arg with a vector of aliases to apply. By default, it behaves like the CLI's -Srepro option in that the user deps.edn file is ignored: specify :repro false if you want the user deps.edn file to be included in the basis. Fixes #47, #48, #49. * Supported entry points: hf.depstar/jar and hf.depstar/uberjar via -X, hf.depstar.uberjar/build-jar via REPL or library usage. The following legacy entry points are all deprecated: hf.depstar.jar/-main, hf.depstar.jar/run, hf.depstar.uberjar/-main, hf.depstar.uberjar/run, and hf.depstar.uberjar/run*. @rickmoynihan in particular: note that last bullet since you are using depstar as a library I believe?

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