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Neil Ashton13:12:58

I’m using Calva on a codebase with namespaced keywords, and it seems like calva-fmt is still having issues with them: – @pez, just curious, did you ever look into @borkdude’s suggestion of swapping in rewrite-clj?


We should fix that for sure. There was an effort somewhere, by someone….


(I am just assuming that rewrite-cljc is used upstream, though…)


Ha! That cljfmt issue is why I started work on rewrite-cljc so many moons ago.


Yes! Very nice! I should probably finish this myself, but it is sometimes a bit of a block for me when someone has started with gusto, then things are left a bit in limbo….


I promise to get back to it after I get an official release of rewrite-cljc out.


For the record, I am taking about the cljfmt fork. 😀


I should be able to use unofficial versions of rewrite-cljc.


Ah! Got it. Rewrite-cljc not being up on clojars yet is a distribution problem for some.

Neil Ashton20:12:46

Thanks, both of you, for giving it some attention!


Is it possible to specify a different version of java for my clojure project? I'm having an issue where my java.home is set to java 11 but the clojure project I'm working on requires java 8.


@cdimara I use sdk-man for that.


@pez yes so do i. I realized that calva ignores java.home in the repl and uses whatever the terminal uses. so i just switched up my sdkman default in the terminal and it worked!