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Today I am running into a really weird bug. The "projects" tab is no longer visible in my project. Additionally, it appears that all cursive project management, since my files are not under a source root, dependencies cannot resolve, and goto definition fails. The funny thing is I can still see the "repl" window in the side, create run configurations with local or remote repls, and use sexp based editing. I'm on IntelliJ 2020.3 (just updated today to see if that was the issue) and Cursive latest (non EAP) (also reinstalled today).


When you say the projects tab, do you mean that the projects toolwindow is not visible?


It sounds like a more fundamental issue is happening though, can you send me your log file (Help | Show log in Finder/Explorer) to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>?


The deps window that is installed with cursive is the one that went missing. I’ll send tomorrow afternoon. It’s not mission critical for me, since it’s only my laptop and for now my desktop is fine.


Bad news. The issue is now being repeated on my desktop 😬 . Weirdly enough it doesn't happen on every project. I'm just being careful right now to not crash intellij so I don't have to re-open my work project.


Solution found: click the deps.edn file in the file tree, and add as deps project. Weirdly, I thought I had tried something similar already when I had closed the projects and used the Open -> open "deps.edn" as project file -> importing... set of menus. Thanks @U066U8JQJ

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Hmm, that is weird, did this problem start after upgrading IntelliJ?


Maybe? I was on some version of IntelliJ 2020.2 before when the problem first arose