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Why do a lot of clojure folks prefer adoc to markdown? Just because is better? Prior book publishing know-how carry-over?

Sam Ritchie15:12:39

I’ve just made the switch for simple reasons like table of contents support, and embedded TIP, NOTE, WARNING callouts

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I would not be surprised if the actual correlation would be based on years in tech, and thus carry-over. Currently working on a few years old Java project and surprised to see adoc docs. But setup by people with 10+ years experience.

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I spent a lot of time evaluating both and decided asciidoc was just clearly better


I have a strong preference for adoc. It offers a richer set of elements than md. Where I sometimes find myself embedding html in md I can almost always just express what I want in adoc. Adoc can also do nice things like auto-generate a table of contents for your section headings, and supports replacement variables.


Markdown is easy, adoc is simple? homerdisappear


I think that's a reasonably fair executive summary :)


What is adoc? AsciiDoc?

Fredrik Holmqvist22:12:38

I'm looking for a specific blog post about a fictional job interview, in which the interviewee (lisper) implements C in Clojure (IIRC) and solves the interview questions in it. Writing was very well, if I'm not mistaken the author also wrote articles on writing.

Fredrik Holmqvist22:12:11

Thank you very much.

Sam Stowers20:12:59

I only recently got into Clojure but this was enough to explode my brain a bit. Laughed out loud when I realized what they were doing