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Just published Chlorine version 0.10.2 - socket REPL package for Atom. On this release, only bugfixes 🙂. Only one new feature is that Chlorine is now caching clj-kondo's results for 20s, so if you have no REPL connected you can issue lots of "doc-for-var" and "goto-var-definition" and they'll resolve really fast 😄. (to be honest, I'm only caching because I'm preparing a release that will also rely on clj-kondo for autocomplete, when there's no REPL connection ready 😄)

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Fulcro’s websocket remote has been updated to support client use from CLJ. Most of Fulcro can run in a headless mode in CLJ without React. This makes it possible for you to make a CLJ Fulcro app that can communicate with a Fulcro server. You could use this, for example, to leverage the EQL/transaction processing of Fulcro in any Clojure JVM application.

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Can ClojureScript apps also be using the non-react parts of Fulcro?

Yehonathan Sharvit07:12:09

Book excerpt: Applying Git and Optimistic Concurrency Control principles to Data Oriented Programming

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I wrote another GitHub App/Bot in Clojure .. it may be useful for the coming week(s) …

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Introducing Liz: A new general purpose programming language - written as Clojure look-a-like EDN - compiled down to small native binaries for x86, ARM, RISC-V, WASM and other architectures - seamless interop with C libraries - compiler written in Clojure using tools.analyzer, leveraging Zig compiler

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David Pham20:12:16

Yep, interesting.


@U70QD18NP Looks interesting. So it's a clj -> zig transpiler basically? Why ^:pub and not just use defn- for private funs, while defaulting to public? I haven't looked at zig, but your project makes me want to take a look at it.


@U04V15CAJ It is basically a transpiler, although clj -> zig would be an over statement, it is more like a zig dialect with some clojureisms. One of the use cases is to have a language that could be used to write native extensions for using in Clojure via JNI, so I try to keep it low level and don't include abstractions with overhead.


Great idea with defn- , I will add that.


This is interesting. I could also see myself using this to write babashka pods perhaps.


Zig is pretty neat, definitely worth checking out. I wanted to see if there is something better than C for writing native code.


It seems to tick all the boxes, good design choices and focus on simplicity.


@U70QD18NP how does it work with the type-system bridging? clj is dynamically typed, but zig is statically typed


Ah, I see, the type hints are translated to type info in the target


Exactly, it feels like a bit of an abuse, but seems to work for now. One limitation is with more complex types, it would be good to create a DSL for it, for now it leaks a bit and one can use a string with a Zig expression for the type.


Small Clojure Interpreter 0.2.0: Follow up in #sci

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