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Yes, that's a good point. The fact that the community hasn't stepped up to maintain it signals that either most people don't find it very useful or that they are fine with the alternatives.


And, tbh, I don't see any alternative that's equivalent in scope and "holisticness".


That's not exactly right though: there's a transition in progress for all of the repos to clj-commons where they will be community maintained.

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I am not using manifold as much as I was, but I still like manifold.deferred


@vale I applaud the effort but, in the long run, I don't think it means much. There's an old saying in my native language that can be roughly translated to "A dog with many owners dies of hunger" which I think is relevant in this case.


There's no mythical "community" that "steps up" -- it's people like you and me.


@vale Well, you're just reinforcing my argument... You and me are not going to maintain a project as complex as Manifold in our spare time. Its centerpiece tech in a lot of projects and can only be maintained by someone who knows the internals well.


So the intersection between "still uses manifold" + "knows the internals" + "has spare time to dedicate to OS" is, tbh, really small.