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When using Live Share with Calva I’ve seen some super-weird things last week. I’m not sure if it’s Calva or Live Share misbehaving. One very annoying thing is that edits are not done on the right peer all the time, e.g. indenation. Pretty sure that must be Calva? What happens is that I’m sharing my project as live share host, the guest is editing, and presses ENTER in the source file. The cursor should then go to the next line, indented at the right column. What happens instead is that the cursor goes to the beginning of the line, and the indentation is inserted on my end of the connection, even when I’m in a completely different file. Any ideas about this, where to look for the source of the issue / solution direction?


Oh wow, that's interesting :thinking_face:


I don't know enough about live share to know what could be happening (it's still fairly magical to me). I think some digging could lead to something though.