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thought, yes 🙂 we actually have the UI as part of Chui ( Currently it's only built to show ClojureScript test results from tests that ran in the same JS runtime, but it could also show test results originating elsewhere. It's just a matter of setting up the communication and jamming them into the reagent atom.


It's probably not even that much effort to get that going as a PoC, I'd say less than a day. It might take significantly longer to shave off the rough edges, but that could be done in smaller increments. It's one of so many things "on the list", and there's a chance that some other folks at Gaiwan/Lambda Island will pick it up, but the best chance to get this done is that either someone from the community steps up, or that a sponsoring company steps forward. As always I'm happy to provide coaching, mentoring, do pairing etc, with whomever wants to tackle this.

Emlyn Corrin13:11:52

Is it possible to have different plugin settings per test suite? I have two test suits (:unit and :integration) and I'd like the :cloverage-opts :output to be different so that they don't overwrite each other's output when run separately (and similarly for :kaocha.plugin.junit-xml/target-file).