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I would expect this to be related to Calva’s indent engine and/or doc mirror. Don’t know enough about it. But Calva computes and applied the indentation for new lines, so it would seem the indentation is applied to the wrong Document object?


Yeah, could be that we hold on to the document reference somewhere. How does explicit formatting behave? Like if you press tab while things are untidy.


TAB fixes things, regardless of who presses it.


So then there is a difference between how tab and the as-you-type format selects which document to apply the edits in…


Yes it appears so.


Dear Calva-friends: A new Calva version is about to be released. Nothing really exciting about it, unless you are a quality nerd like @sogaiu 😃 Haha, just kidding, I am sure most of us are quite obsessed with quality. The coming release is all about that, anyway. Calva misbehaves a bit around not-even-so-edge cases when it comes to parsing the code in our Clojure files. The bucket stops here, I say! Now we need your help with making sure we have not introduced regression while aiming at fixing glitches. Please install and run with this VSIX: These are the issues addressed: • Fix: • Fix: • Fix:

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