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Made a pass through every page in the docs today to keep things updated. If you see anything missing or confusing, let us know or submit a PR to the calva-docs repo.


Is anyone else here excited about the remote ssh plugin in VSCode? It's like magic to me. Everything works fluently like you're working locally (provided you have a fairly good internet connection).

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Cris B22:08:28

It is one of the most magical 'just works' experiences around. I use it to do stuff on a couple of Raspberry Pis. With the local-like editing and built-in terminal I could easily forget I'm not working on my local machine.


Extremely useful when you are forced to use Windows on your laptop, but have access to Linux systems for development. Manage your remote Linux dev system from vscode and no messing around with remote desktops.


Someone should blog about it, me thinks. 😏

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Grant Isom16:08:30

Is there a way to customize the output window key commands?


You can run the command "Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts" ctrl+k, ctrl+s, and modify them there.


Yes. They are regular vscode shortcuts. I'm afk right now, maybe @brandon.ringe can give you some hints.


If anyone is interested in testing, this vsix should fix the go to definition issue that happens from within namespaces (if you run "go to definition" on a namespace or alias in the ns declaration). Should also fix going to definition of protocols.

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