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Dear Calva-friends: @brandon.ringe is on fire, fixing issues, docs, adding features, and generally increasing the quality and value of Calva. Please join me in helping him by installing the VSIX builds he posts and/or puling down his changes and running Calva in dev mode with them. We all benefit from catching mistakes at this stage rather than sending them out for the general user base to find. Thanks in advance! ❤️

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Maksim Glebov08:08:13

I've tested the VSIX a little bit and it works great for me! Very nice to have this annoying bug finally fixed :thumbsup: My only concern is about new logic behind opening the output window, which was introduced in the last release. Now there is a check in a code if the output window is active already. It works ok most of the time, but sometimes it leads to a strange behaviour. For example, if I have two tabs opened (the output + regular file) and I close the output window first and regular file second, the last value of the outputWindowActive flag is False, so I can use the shortcut to open the output again. But if I close windows in reverse order, the flag becomes True (because the output was the last to close and there was no extra tabs to get focus and overwrite the flag). So in this case the shortcut does not work.


Interesting. To me it seems like a check we don't need to do. But I haven't thought it through, actually.


I think we may need to set that context to false in onDidCloseTextDocument if it's the output doc


Thanks for the feedback and trying it out


Actually that event did not fire for some reason, so had to use onDidChangeVisibleTextEditors and check if one is the results doc, and if not set the context to false. Made this change on the branch and merged to dev

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Hey Calva friends! I've been on the fix train lately 🚅. Just released version 2.0.121 with the following fixes. Also thanks to @glebovmaksim for fixing the backspace issue with the output window. This version contains: • Fix: • Fix: • Fix: • Fix:

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Calva friends: I am proud to be the first Github sponsor of @brandon.ringe’s Calva work! Please join me.

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I just realized that this mean we should add me as a sponsor to Calva's README. Haha. I guess I have been a sponsor for a while, so it is about time. 😃


+1 done

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Thanks so much @pez! I'm excited to continue improving Calva with you and the others who help with testing, issues, and PRs.



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Thanks so much!


absolutely keep up the great work.

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