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Hi. I’m adding configuration (tests.edn) for my project and i want to set focus based on meta on namespace

(ns ^:integration my-project.integration-tests.backend.some-test
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))
How do I specify it in my tests.edn ??


I tried adding :focus-meta but it’s only running a single file not all with the meta


Can you elaborate what you're trying to achieve? To split integration and unit tests you should put them in two separate directories and define two test suites with separate test-paths. Metadata is not the right tool to achieve this.


Ok. what I’m trying to achieve is not separation of unit and integration test but I just want to run test files having specific ns meta for example ns ^foo


I want to run all the tests where namespace has some specific meta with


--focus-meta : integration That should work on the command line.


@plexus yes it's working for one file which has this meta. But I have multiple files which has this meta and I want to run all those file which contains this na meta


That should work. If it doesn't then it's a bug. Would you mind making an issue on GitHub?


A small demo project that reproduces the issue would be ideal, that would really help me to speed up the time to fix it


Yes sure I'll do that