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@nando Calva doesn't have any such facilities. But if some library or tool can hot reload your project and it has some functions you need to call, then you can configure those as custom command snippets to ease your workflow.


@tylertracey09 I saw your Calva question in the beginner channel. Welcome to Calva! There are some initial tips on evaluations here:


Thanks. Seems like some of these commands clash with my vim setup in VS Code


I saw some of the notes about using NeoVim instead. I'll probably take the time to get that going tomorrow


The vim support in VS Code is so meh


It's super hard to emulate VIM in VS Code. I think the VIM extension has some special API, but even so... But shortcut clashes are a thing regardless, so people customize those a lot, I would think.


Hello all! Version 2.0.120 has just been released, which includes the REPL history feature in the new output/REPL window. Details in the docs are here: You may also notice the extension for the output file is now .repl vs .repl-file.

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