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Hello all, in Chlorine I have to execute 2 times to connect to repl, is anyone with this problem or just me?


I hope it's just you 😄. Which OS / Clojure version?


deps.edn -> :aliases {:dev {:jvm-opts ["-Dclojure.server.repl={:port,5555,:accept,clojure.core.server/repl}"]}}


clj -A:dev


I've noticed that occasionally but haven't been able to figure out a pattern for it. I think I've only seen it happen on Windows, and it may just be that the Socket REPL is taking longer to start there and just isn't quite ready when I first connect? I'll try to pay attention next time it happens.


"just isn't quite ready when I first connect?" -> the repl show prompt up and after I´ll try to connect it


@fabrao I really don't see this issue on Linux (nor the CI server sees it 😄), but I'll try to look at it. I remember that, on some development time, I saw these problems happening but they are like a Shroendinger's Bug - when I try to observe it (by adding prn for example) it does not happen 😅


It depends how long the Socket REPL takes to start up in the background. It's not related to when the interactive prompt shows up in Powershell.


My experience with Clojure/Java on Windows is that some network-related stuff is substantially slower to set up than on macOS/Linux.


oh, I didn´t know Socket REPL starts in background, maybe the problem so


My experience with Linux is that the Socket REPL starts even before a prompt appears... I have no idea if it's slower on Windows, but probably is. @fabrao, you can check if the Socket REPL is online by trying to telnet into that port. If it is, indeed, online, then it's probably a bug on Chlorine side


I´ll try to wait more time to connect it