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[Elisabeth's talk, goes live at 12:00 CEST]( [Mey's talk, goes live at 12:30 CEST]( As before we'll be live on Twitch from 19:00 CEST, after a round of introductions we'll stream the talks, then move on to the panel conversation.


Please do send us your questions so we have some input for what to talk about during the panel conversation!


Would also be great if one or two people could come forward and volunteer to run a social call after the panel convo, since last time we didn't have any.


That would be today right? Around what time?


around 8:30 probably. We start the stream at 7, play both videos, do the panel convo, so it's mainly for socializing after that ends. You could already start earlier too and already get on a call with folks while watching the stream. Could also be fun, get some live commentary.


New link for Mey's talk, seems Youtube failed to process the original video