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Timofey Sitnikov15:08:02

Hello all. Looking at the, according to Project Status, section in Readme file, this is still in Alpha stage. Does it make sense to upgrade the status to released? According to @dharrigan, it has been used in production?


I was thinking about this earlier @timofey.sitnikov. I think I'd like to run it in production myself first, but it seems to be fairly solid so far. That message could certainly be updated to be less cautious.


I think that would be a fair thing to do. I've used Juxt Clip now in 4 productionised systems, handling a lot of data with a fantastic uptime. Removing but hasn’t yet been used in production. might be okay? 🙂

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I'll vouch for it 🙂


Haha. I didn't know you'd taken it so far, that's great. 😀