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One thing that I love about Emacs / Clojure Mode / Paredit is that I can press a closing bracket e.g. ) or ] and it will automatically bring all the trailing parentheses/brackets to the current line. I can do the same in Calva with ctrl-J but it leaves a space I have to manually delete.


Not sure I am following, but pressing tab folds the paren trail. I've deliberately made it something that doesn't happen as-you-type b/c I like for the user to be in control of this.


Hah I never use tab in emacs, it’s a different muscle memory.


I’ll try using tab more. This and the delete forward sexp is my main tripping points. I can customize the latter though.


You can customize tab as well.


One other thing with Calva’s paredit is that sometimes when I’m slurping expressions it will not cross some boundaries. Emacs will happily keep slurping through {} [] ()


I had this in a dev branch somewhere, but then I couldn't easily make it reformat past the currently enclosed form so scrapped it b/c w/o feedback it got a bit dangerous. But last week I made a few changes to the as-you-type formatting, that might allow this. Please file an issue. 😍


Here's the issue and the PR. Does it seem like the thing you are asking for here? If so, maybe it is reasonably simple to wake up.


I’ll try to have a look at trying PRs locally


Here's a VSIX where I think I might have gotten it to work. It is a bit unintutive to me yet, so can't fully judge it. 😃 Can you give it a spin?


Test both backwards and forwards slurp. It is the backwards one that twists my brain mostly.


This is now released. File an issue if it misbehaves. 😃


Woot! Sorry for not testing earlier !

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Cas Shun14:05:33

Curious if there's been any progress on this issue: , I'm constantly having issues figuring out errors when using inline evals

Cas Shun14:05:36

it's particularly annoying because inline eval *e just gives me a clj-kondo error, not the error of the last eval


clj-kondo error?


I'd welcome a PR for that issue, anyway. 😃

Cas Shun17:05:17

@pez every error is something like #error { :cause "clj-kondo.core" :via [{:type java.lang.ClassNotFoundException :message "clj-kondo.core" :at [.URLClassLoader findClass "" 382]}] :trace

Cas Shun17:05:34

unless I type in the repl window itself

Cas Shun17:05:40

(who does that though?)

Cas Shun17:05:42

To be clear, that's if I inline eval *e


@auroraminor Maybe it helps if you post the entire stacktrace? (in a gist or upload as file)


I think this might happen because some piece tries to invoke clj-kondo.core/run! or something else while the namespace has not yet been required


user=> clj-kondo.core/x
Syntax error (ClassNotFoundException) compiling at (REPL:0:0).


clj-kondo does warn about this though 😉


Ah, yes, I was about to say it couldn't come from Calva. 😃


My thought was the recent decorations addition as well. I wonder if we should put the require call in the getLintAnalysis function so that it's called before every call - after it's required the first time it shouldn't cause any overhead I think, but still, it should be required any time execution reaches that point since the require is in the activate function for the decorations


@auroraminor If you can provide a reproducible project/situation that would be much appreciated.


Nvm I've found a repro-case by not loading clj-kondo as a dep in the connected repl, which should not cause this problem. I will investigate simple_smile


@brandon.ringe you can use requiring-resolve maybe


(but that depends on 1.10, might not be good for Calva, but you could re-implement it)


Thanks, I'll look into that


Found the issue =D, will fix soon


Perhaps I missed it as a feature), but I cannot press the Up arrow in the Calva repl prompt to cycle through the previous commands. Is it my buggy setup?


If you're in multi-line edit mode, which I think is the default, it should be alt+up


Single-line however is just up


yep, it means single line is not working as expected. will restart


@dennisa Hmm.. if it persists, please create an issue.


I just checked on Windows as well. It's the same issue: i evaluate an expression say (inc 0). Press arrow up, nothing happens. Press Alt-arrow up, then i can go back to (inc 0) and cycle the old ones. Are you sure it's not intended behaviour : ) ?


This is the intended behavior for multi-line repl window mode. I'm somewhat confused now about what you're saying, lol. If it's working with alt+UpArrow in single-line mode then maybe some key bindings were changed. I'd check your keyboard shortcuts


{ "key": "up", "command": "calva.replWindow.historyUp", "when": "calva:replWindowActive && config.calva.REPLWindowPromptKeyMap == 'single-line'" }


The shortcut is the default one, arrow up


Weird, an issue with repro steps would be very welcome simple_smile


v2.0.100 is out with a couple fix / maintenance items

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