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Hi everyone, nice to be here. Coming from using VS/InteliJ environment and being really familiar with the standard file navigation, the way calva is moving the brakets and not letting me delete them in certain places, and especially the way it will just remove the whole scope when I want to just remove the word. I would really prefer to keep my muscle memory since this is just a hobby thing, could anyone reccomend a keymap before I change everything manually? 😄


I am not aware of any keymap for people coming from IntelliJ/Cursive, only that people seem to have a wide range of ideas about what is default on that platform. 😃 As for not letting you delete in certain places, that is Paredit Strict Mode at work, there is a Cave Man Mode to enable instead. See


Not sure what is meant with moving brackets and remove whole scope, but if you describe that more, maybe we can offer some tips. Here you can find some info about custom keymaps:


Including what someone thinks is wrapping parens like Cursive (I know of other people who do not think Cursive behaves like that, haha).