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Piggieback 0.5 is out! The big news is that it now supports nREPL’s pretty-printing mechanism. More details here All nREPL clients will get this out-of-the-box when using the new Piggieback.

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Afternoon all - we've just released Crux 1.8.3 🚀 This release introduces S3 support and the ability to subscribe to the transaction log, as well as the usual performance optimisations and bug fixes More details in the #crux channel, and the release notes here:

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fmnoise16:05:59 version 4.0 is released with new artifact id and lots of new functionality: - new protocol-based implementation for defining failure and non-failure processing and throwing - chain function for applying multiple functions for non-failure results in chain - handle - function for applying success or error handler depending on value - ex-info! functional wrapper for creating and throwing ex-info - autocarrying for then, else, thru and their call-based versions - cljs support (experimental)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:05:57

org.clojure/core.async 1.2.598 is now available • onto-chan, to-chan use of go-loop incompatible with blocking colls, replace with onto-chan! onto-chan!! to-chan! to-chan!! (deprecate onto-chan, to-chan) • to-chan! and onto-chan! added to cljs for portability

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