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hurray for virtual machines 🙂


this is all convenient timing because I finally got linux on this big brute of a machine I'm using now, and have been ecstatic over it all day, as my VB on windows was painfully sluggish (when using my fat emacs at least) but also because I just prefer linux, and it looks so much nicer on my machine. Fortunately I can get away with not needing to use windows for years, so its all the same here. Didn't realize how much time I'd been losing on this thing, though, until I devved today where I could truly jump around and compile quickly I installed Budgie or whatever to try it but kinda wishing I just went with Kubuntu again, hoping if I download kde now it won't break anything, as I believe I've had trouble there a few times

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Spit and slurp visualized

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That looks just like my kids’ bath toys when they were babies… …only the “vomit” wasn’t yellow and it smelled like you wouldn’t believe…


Posted on the wrong channel initially


If you understand dependent types you can understand the joke in this post better:


This is a talk I gave on Idris for the meetup I help run, might be useful


I don’t really know anything about it, but this book is on my way too long list of books to read: There’s also a Strange Loop talk:


Thanks, I'll watch the video!