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Using 'Alabaster theme'. When I send expression to REPL calva highlights the expression and keeps it highlighted can I turn this off?


ESC is the only way, currently.


ok, thank you.


When moving forms around with paredit, there’s an annoying flickering, seemingly to re-do the highlighting. Is that a known issue? I’ve seen some work that relates to parsers, not sure if syntax highlighting was part of this.


What's your OS? I never see flickering on Windows.


I’ll see if I can make a small video next week


I wonder if could be the formatting...


How do I get Calva to recognise a new library dependency once I install it via lein deps assuming my project is already jacked-in? For now, I need to re-run the “Start project repl and jack-in” command for Calva to begin auto-completing the newly installed library. Is there an alternative to this?


As far as I know you will need to restart the repl (aka jack-in) when you add a new dependency, in order for it to be loaded/used. This is a common clojure thing, not specific to Calva, since deps are loaded at startup.


I think there are some tools related to this though, so there may be something that can solve this for you. See this SO post about a lein tool


And an article about a potential feature in tools.deps.alpha here: Though that article is dated, and I'm not sure if it's been added or scrapped since then


@U9A1RLFNV Got it. I suppose I’ll stick to restarting the REPL for the time being since adding deps is a relatively infrequent activity for me. I was simply curious if there was a better alternative to restating the REPL. Thanks for the clarification!


No problem!


Mhm as far as i know and i used it sometimes you can do hot-reload dependency within emacs but i dont know how


@UD8TU3HP0 I doubt it’s possible without adding additional plugins like @U9A1RLFNV mentioned. The problem seems to be that any new library added (along with it’s dependencies) is not on the classpath. Hence the REPL cannot find it without a restart - which sets the classpath with all the dependencies.


There with refactor-nrepl so it works for emacs because cider injects the deps for the refactor-nrepl 😄


We could probably do this too, right?


@UD8TU3HP0 hot loading in clj-refactor was disabled a while ago as it broke Cider quite badly.


@U05254DQM oh didnt know this thanks for the Info :)

Roman Tsopin17:04:03

Is it technically possible to make Calva repl searchable? I mean to cmd f it’s contents? Or there is no such api for web view in vscode


@romantsopin, It should be possible.

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If anyone would like to tackle an easy task for a first/second issue (or for any reason), see here: