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Hi, how much of JS do I have to know to get into Clojurescript?


@jgzolanes If you don't interact with JS, I would say "near to nothing".

David Pham07:04:39

I would even say even if you interact with JS as long as it stays at library level, near to nothing. You need to read about react vs reagent/re-frame though.


I'd say the opposite. You might not need to know the exact syntax of JS but you still need to learn a lot about the runtime itself. Understanding how the Browser handles JS and which limitations it has is important.

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There's a lot of JavaScript syntax details I don't know, but I've learned a lot of DOM apis


Yeah I agree, knowing the runtime is very important. I often see people asking essential JS questions here.

David Pham09:04:15

Is there a reference? Like JS 101 for CLJS devs?


I'm not aware of any and don't think there's anything specific, just learn js ™️

David Pham10:04:53

Haha, I learn CLJS to avoid learning JS

David Pham10:04:06

I guess I need to dig into it finally


well maybe not JS itself, but runtime APIs, DOM, browser APIs etc

David Pham10:04:55

What are runtime APIs? Like js/Math?


web apis in general

David Pham10:04:07

Ah ok, yeah you need that for sure.


@jgzolanes I don't disagree w/ with what's been said so far but it depends on what you mean by "get into" - I think if you're focusing on learning then I think you can make it pretty far these days w/o doing too much interop. As you start building things less trivial with more requirements you'll soon find that knowing something about JavaScript is essential.

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