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Hello all, I'm planning to transfer clj-docker-client: to the org . The primary reason being this org about building Clojure and GraalVM based tooling around docker and generate reproducible docker images. Given the alignment of the org and the other projects there, I feel that this would be more natural and community driven fit there. I will still be maintaining it but hopefully along with more people now. I see this as a positive way to increase the community around Clojure and docker 😄 Let me know of any possible concerns? cc @mkvlr @jvtrigueros @kahvel_slack @victorbjelkholm429 @gklijs


@rahul080327 nice! Seems like a good idea. Although, what about clj-commons org? ( Seems like it would reach a wider community there than a new organization. I guess the goals are different between them


@victorbjelkholm429 yes that would be indeed nice but docker and clojure is quite a complex relationship I'd say 😛 and into-docker is quite purpose built for this. Also since the other projects there have a heavy dependency on this, feels like it fits better


then it sounds like a happy marriage 🙂

docker 2

no concerns from me, go ahead :p


Didn't know this existed! Seems like a good move 🙂