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We were running an import of data into a Datomic Cloud solo instance and it appears to have crashed. CPU is stuck at 0%. All calls to d/connect results in a Connect Timeout. Is there no health check that can detect and cycle the process/vm in a case like this?


Last log line

{"Gcname":"G1 Old Generation","Gcaction":"end of major GC","Gccause":"Allocation Failure","Msg":"GcEvent","Duration":5584,"Type":"Event","Tid":8,"Timestamp":1587119656023}


I opened a Datomic support request since this is probably too specific.


i'm interested as well. recently i discovered that one node in my query group had been completely wedged from a bad query, and i only discovered it hours later when a routine code deployment failed due to inefficient memory.

Ben Hammond14:04:54

when I retrieve a db.type/uri datom from datomic cloud using pull it comes back with an unexpected class com.cognitect.transit.impl.URIImpl`. I was sort of hoping for a .URI I know I can manually convert it into a using str , my question is whether this is expected behaviour, or whether I have something misconfigured or should I be de-transiting the response from pull


im also using :db.type/uri attrs, but only thru on-prem peers. i would definitely expect it to work on the cloud version too, out of the box. so, my guess is that it's a bug.