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Yehonathan Sharvit05:04:22

Is there a way to use cider debugger keybindings inside spacemacs?


For me it works fine when debugging with ,db… On develop branch now but it also worked on master half a year ago.

Yehonathan Sharvit05:04:52

I tried it and there seems to be a conflict between the debugger keybindings c for continue, n for next etc… and vim key bindings


@viebel I use n , o and q key bindings with the cider debug tool, , d b, without any problems I haven't tried the other key bindings. I am using the Spacemacs develop branch. Maybe it hasn't been evilified in the Clojure layer. I will take a look over the weekend.


@viebel You can try to go into insert mode and use the debugger keybindings from there.


FWIW This trick also work in Vimium on Chrome (should be similar on a different browser and vim emulator) to use site-specific keybindings (e.g. gmail).


I guess you could also try switching to Emacs state, using C-z to toggle between Emacs and Vim style editing.


Yes, that's what I do if I need to move inside a debugger session.

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Yehonathan Sharvit12:04:20

Thanks for all the tips

Gleb Posobin14:04:18

How do I insert a closing parenthesis in strict mode? I opened a file that has an unmatched parenthesis and can't close it now.

Gleb Posobin14:04:55

Also, is there a way to search through emacs documentation in emacs? What's the flow for answering the question above myself without leaving spacemacs?

Gleb Posobin14:04:44

Ok I have managed to add the closing paren in a comment and then remove ;, but that's a hack.

Gleb Posobin14:04:34

Ah, there is quoted-insert which can be called with C-q both in normal and insert mode.


@posobin as a last resort smartparens can be toggled off briefly SPC t C-p , obviously you would toggle it back on again after fixing 🙂


If you are using evil-cleverparens too, then there is , T s to toggle that off briefly


I am looking for feedback on keys for using cider-inspect commands. Only the cider-inspect command has a key binding in the Clojure layer. I am using the cider-inspect and cider-inspect-last-result commands a lot more. There are other interesting inspect command too, but none of them have key bindings. So if you use the inspector: • what commands do you use • what key bindings would be useful and should they be under debug, evaluation or its own inspector menu sub-section? Thank you.


Any new key bindings I add will follow the Spacemacs key binding conventions