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hello folks, I’m pleased to announce that Pathom finally has a logo! The repo is updated to show it and more things are on the way, stay tuned! pathom

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@wilkerlucio now that I understand planner's foreign-ast, does it make sense to make use of core join (`p/join`) to process recursively the ast? maybe in a separate parser and calling that from the dynamic resolver


or is there any other facility provided by pathom helping with that that I don't know of


@myguidingstar I highly recommend you don’t use p/join in the middle of your processing, the planner is doing the work to send you only the AST you can answer, and nothing else, so you should process that directly, this is more like what you did on previous walkable version, its ok to use a secondary parser if you want to internally, but using p/join will trigger all the user extensions as well, and I believe this will generate more overhead than it should