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Dear Calva friends, I'd like your help with something. I'll extend the ask to two things, actually, but first some little context: There is a nasty review floating at the top of the Calva reviews section, here: It has been there and made me sad for several months. I flagged it immediately, since it is not only unfair and confused, it is quite rude as well (which might be a good thing, because then people reading it get some help in how much they should care about it). So, my asks: 1. Please flag that review. This can help getting it on the radar for whomever has the buttons to delete it. 2. Please consider submitting a review. This helps with balancing the picture. Thanks in advance! 🙏


Wow! Looks like someone needs a lesson on paredit.


not to mention manners...


Wow, ya that's very rude


Haha, I guess the manners really sticks out to you, @UG1C3AD5Z 😃 Never met a more polite person than you, I think.


lol, that's what i thought about you actually 🙂


Haha, we should get a room!




Good manners are important! It was my dad's most important lesson to me, I think: "Be nice to others, Peter, and treat them with respect.” And I will carry it on to my kids (and so on, I dearly hope). It is why I am so fond of that Ancestor character that I use as my avatar. Iit is a way for me to keep my dad and his lessons close to me, even though I lost him way too early.

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sad to say that irl i do not heed that wise advice enough. but thanks for sharing -- perhaps it will help me to remember more often!

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Wow, such nice reviews guys! You deserve to be let in on a secret. Calva v2.0.91 is just out! It sports the super duper CIDER powered debugger, that @U9A1RLFNV has been hard at work with lately. Brandon wants to announce it properly later when he wakes up today, so get ready to throw your love on that announcement. It ties so super nicely into both your reviews, @UJRDALZA5 and @U7PBP4UVA 😃 See for how to use it. Also shoutout to @U051BLM8F and his team for providing the wonderful tools and support.

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awesome news, especially about the debugger!


OMG, I missed #dbg and #break so so much.

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I used to face one issue with CIDER debugger all the time. (take 10 (range)) works just fine normally, but when stepping through it using the debugger, hangs after encountering (range). Do you know if Calva will handle such cases? Maybe by limiting evaluation to first 100 elements or so?


So, that's with #dbg, I figure? My guess is that Calva will go out on the same hike as CIDER does...


Yeah, that's with #dbg. The solution for CIDER was to set the print length to a smaller value.*print-length* Maybe Calva can set it to a very small value when debugging? Not sure if that will be helpful or just increase confusion.


Please file as an issue. I hope the same workaround works in Calva.


Fantastic news! As for @UJRDALZA5’s problem - dealing with infinite data structures is always tricky indeed. In CIDER you can set different print-length for use with the debugger and I guess Calva can do the same.


Btw, @U0ETXRFEW, consider enabling the admonitions plugin for MkDocs, so you can have better rendering for those in the docs.


The look pretty well in RTD as well - e.g.


Thanks! Looks nice! Now I need to figure out what MkDocs is 😃


MkDocs is an adaptation of Markdown syntax. They extended it quite a bit. Flexmark Java library also provides similar functionality.


I need to figure out how to use mkdocs with readthedocs, The Emacs Prelude docs indicate it is possible, as is this site: 😃


OK. So it seems I can use MkDocs instead of sphinx. Most of the Calva docs is Markdown, so it is probably not too much work. Admonition does seem like something we would have use for.


@U0ETXRFEW Hmm, I didn’t even know you could use Sphinx with Markdown. I saw your docs were Markdown, so I just assumed you were using MkDocs.


Take my 5 stars!

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^ A mere reaction felt too tiny! ^ 😃


So, I've switched to MkDocs on dev now.

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It's a win with something that is more markdown-friendly than sphinx, but all is not joy. I don't know how to get a site TOC on the index page. Related, with RST, I could build the navigation dynamically. Now I seem to have to do it in the mkdocs.yml file.


Going all in mkdocs material. I've moved the docs to


@U0ETXRFEW Looks pretty sweet! I’ve spent a lot of quality time with Material theme at work. 😄


Thanks! You suggested admonition for something specific, right? Was it something on the debugger page?


@U0ETXRFEW Yeah, you had some note there.

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Maik Wild15:04:09

Hi, I have been using calva for a while now. After upgrading to macos 10.15.4 the Start-REPL icon on the blue bar at the bottom disappeared. I reinstalled the extension to no avail. Following the docu: Issue the command *Start a Project REPL and Connect*: ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+j Gives an error: command 'calva.jackIn' not found when I then hit ESC I get command 'calva.clearInlineResults' not found Did I overlook anything? Thank you for your help


@maik.wild I've heard of something like that before. I think that time it helped opening a clojure file.

Maik Wild17:04:34

I had a cljs file open. Opening a clj file does not change anything 😞

Maik Wild17:04:06

Uninstalling and installing it again did the trick. Also: VS doesnt like running out of the downloads folder 😄


Ah. Thanks for sharing. That is good to know!


@maik.wild uninstalling Calva and reinstalling did not work for me. Did you uninstall VSCode?


So you are not running VS Code from the downloads folder?


Not running from the downloads folder. Downgrading to 2.0.90 and rebooting VS Code works to get things back up and running. When I update to 2.0.91 and reboot VS Code it gives me the error


Oh, that's interesting. @U9A1RLFNV, what can have changed in this regard?


@UN1E6R822 can you give us e detailed repo of the problem?

Maik Wild16:04:53

Yes reinstall vscode. That works.

Maik Wild16:04:05

@U0ETXRFEW In my defense, when I installed VSCode for the first time it was my day time on macos, and I thought it was an installer, not the executable. After that it just showed up in finder, so I assumed I installed it correctly 😄


@U0ETXRFEW Nothing that I can think of.


Interested to see if this problem persists


Hey Calva friends! As you may have heard, Calva now has a debugger! See this announcement for more details and to show Calva some love. This is just the foundation, and there may be some rough edges, but we'll improve upon it with your feedback. simple_smile

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