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Jakob Durstberger17:04:26

Hey, is it ok to post about non-clojure specific meetups in #events ?


@jakob.durstberger I'd say "it depends". Is it relevant to a Clojure audience?

Jakob Durstberger17:04:20

@seancorfield It is an online event hosted by the SoCraTes UK organisers (which I am an part of) So we welcome everyone involved in software development and testing


Hmm, as an Admin I would prefer we didn't broaden the scope of #events too much since if we allow some non-Clojure events, it gets harder to later on deny others.


Perhaps posting it to the #testing channel would be appropriate, if it's an event focused on testing and open to all languages.

Jakob Durstberger17:04:39

Yeah there is no strong focus on testing so I think that would be misleading. No worries, that’s why I wanted to check first 🙂

Jakob Durstberger17:04:06

Maybe #clojure-uk would be alright?


Yeah, pretty sure the UK folks would be fine with a UK event...


(that includes me, by the way)