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Timur Latypoff13:04:15

Is there anything one can use nowadays to quickly and simply prototype working web apps with UIs? Either Clojure-specific, or maybe more general (that could work with Clojure). I've mostly been avoiding web development since early jQuery times, and the only UIs I usually did were console apps and C# WinForms. Is there anything I could use to make quick layouts of buttons/textboxes/labels/menus in a web app without knowing differences of CSS handling in different browsers, "guessing" positions/paddings, inline javascripts, manual element classes? Let it be very plain-looking, nothing fancy, but at least with reasonable defaults (unlike plain unstyled HTML). If visual or interactive (like VS WinForms Designer) — that would be best.


for the styling that sounds like bootstrap's mission

Timur Latypoff13:04:32

Thank you, I shall look deeper into that. What about prototyping UIs — is it mostly just REPL-figwheeling the positions of elements, or there's also something more visual that could be used?


Fulcro is commonly used with, which has a lot of components and also helps get the layout done. I too wish for something more visual, but the experience with this is as good as I’ve found

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kszabo14:04:48 just to name a Clojure-land solution

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fulcro 16
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it is definitely simple (as all aspects of Single Page App are cleanly separated out and composed together), but I don’t think it will be quick for a newcomer as it certainly requires a mindset shift/getting used to new constructs


Ant design was definitely supposed to be this


Has there ever been a talk about registering the Clojurians Slack server with some existing related non-profit for the sake of getting the full Slack functionality? If so, what was the conclusion?


Ah, never mind that - there's a limit of 250 members for the free tier.


what if Clojurists Together would pay for this slack, what would it cost?


I (and others too I think) have reached out to Slack to ask for community options, but they didn’t give any affordable options

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I really wish we could migrate to Zulip as a whole... But it seems that there are quite a few users that are opposed to Zulip.


There are also still folks on freenode IRC #clojure who are opposed to Slack.


How many users are there on freenode?


at the moment, 359


And here it's 18355. :)


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use zulip


Theres boxes inside of each topic and i don't understand their purpose


and there is no way to just make a message


There are streams (like Slack's channels), topics (like threads), and messages. The only difference from Slack is that you have to specify a topic. Which IMO is a great plus - there are too much discussions here that jump from topic to topic and that make it very hard to follow through. I'm not sure what boxes you're talking about.


Zulip is like a forum


Zulip is pretty much where #data-science lives these days. The ergonomics of Zulip are not great, and it encourages misplacing your message in the wrong topic - sometimes even the wrong stream. But it does have persistent history and topics can be good if you are careful navigating in them.


If anyone wants to encourage movement to Zulip, perhaps finding&linking-to, or creating, a good intro video on how to navigate it would help many people there.


No guarantees that people would then switch to Zulip because of that, of course. Where a community goes is just aggregate statistics on where many individuals choose to go.


As a big fan of the Fulcro framework I feel like it's not a good name for a project and that it may hurt its growth. "Fulcro" is a word in Portuguese so search results are not always very relevant. Youtube seems to generate pretty relevant results but it is nearly impossible to find anything on Twitter. Does anyone feel the same way?


As always, a bit more specificity in your search terms helps. with clojure added, I always get back the results I want, which is fine by me


unlike react, angular, ring, timbre, pedestal, mount, component, boot, node, or windows, which are made up


Not worse than "go"


Or "c", "R", etc 🤪