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Is there a way to suppress this warning?

[Figwheel:WARNING] A "resources/public/index.html" exists but the "resources" directory is not on the classpath
    the default server will not be able to find your index.html
[Figwheel:WARNING] Target directory "target" is not on the classpath! The figwheel server will not be able to find compiled assets.


i’m serving static assets from a separate server, so don’t need figwheel’s server to do so


Also, is there a way to prevent figwheel saving the output .cljs files alongside the output .js files? They are both being saved in target/public/cljs-out/buildname at the moment. target is on the classpath for my Clojure server so it can serve up the .js assets but I don’t want the .cljs files on the classpath because any changes to them are detected when I use