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it seems like calva isn’t recognizing profiles set in ./profiles.clj is that a known limitation?


Can you give an example, @benny ?


I created a file .profiles.clj at the root of my project with the following contents:

{:dev-local {:env {:port "8080"
                   :database-type "postgresql"
                   :database-name "devlocal"
                   :database-username "postgres"
                   :database-password "postgres"
                   :database-host "localhost"
                   :database-port "5432"}}
:test-local {:env {:port "9090"
                   :database-type "postgresql"
                   :database-name "testdb"
                   :database-username "postgres"
                   :database-password "mysecretpassword"
                   :database-host "localhost"
                   :database-port "5432"}}}
yet when i jack in, i don’t have dev-local or test-local available


Oh. I wasn't aware about that kind of file. So it is a limitation, but was unknown to me until now. 😃 Please file an issue about it. Even better, a PR, but issue is fine too. Meanwhile you can do what @slack1038 suggests and reference your profiles in a custom connect sequence.


it’s built into lein so i don’t think i’m doing anything too crazy:


Not crazy at all. It makes sense that Calva should read there.

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@benny i guess you mean something other than the user profile when yes you need to define a custome connect sequence and in there you can define a list of leinProfiles


@sogaiu, if you, in your #tree-sitter explorations, find some examples of files with crazy syntax, please share them with me. I'm about to release some fixes to Calva's structural editing parser, and am a bit on the defence about it.


Here's the latest build with the new rainbow parens/ignore highlighting, using the (updated) paredit parser, dear Calva-friends: Consider it a release candidate and please help me test it. A visible change in this build is that I've decided that dimmed ignores should still be rainbowed. cc @slack1038, @brandon.ringe, @filipematossilva, @hoppy

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