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Calva was used quite extensively at the ClojureBridge London event and apart from a couple of install hiccups it worked excellently. My student built a tictattoe game in a website using reagent, figwheel-main and clojure cli tools. The launching of the clojurescript repl worked perfectly too. Thank you so much. On two computers (windows 7, MacOSX very latest version) Calva did seem to hang when jack-in to a Leiningen project. It reported the nrepl server had started but Calva didnt seem to connect to it. It was a very simple Leiningen project. On the Mac we just reinstalled everything and it worked. Wondered if something like this had happened before? These were all new installs of VS code and Calva from the VSCode marketplace.


That part of jack-in is a bit brittle, relying on a file watcher. If the watcher doesn't fire, Calva just keeps waiting. It might have been something like that. If you see it again, try see if the .nrepl-port file has been created. And if retrying jack-in doesn't work, try removing that file, if it exists. And if anything of this happens, let me know, and how you fared. We will need to fix this...


On the MacOSX machine I saw that the .nrep-port was created. I deleted it and tried again. It just seemed to fix itself when they got home and tried again. On the windows machine, connecting to a repl run in a terminal worked just fine. Both machines that had the problem we using Leiningen projects, I am trying to find out more info from the coaches about what worked / didn't work.


Dear Calva-friends. I just released v2.0.77 of Calva with these changes: • Make rainbow parens and highlight use the same lexer as Paredit • Fix: Some character literals throws paredit out of whack • Fix: Initial expand selection sometimes fails • Change line comment characters to ;; • Use editor namespace for custom REPL commands w/o `ns` specified • Add support for comment continuation ( Thanks for all the feedback and help with testing! Please upgrade and let me know if I have messed something up with the release.

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