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@plins section 12 of this doc should give you the basics (sorry, bit tied up for a proper answer)


thanks for the directions ... I wonder how Im going to send stuff to cider .. maybe there is some function like (cider-eval-expr 'here-my-expression) that can be called from eLisp


Ah, you want to evaluate a cider function from elisp, well as CIDER is writen in elisp then it should be possible, but I dont know enough elisp or cider to do this. Suggest asking on the #cider channel if this is possible and pointers how to do it. Once you have an elisp function that you can call from your .spacemacs file, then the Spacemacs docs will help you define the keybinding.


It seems a lot of work, when you could just jump to a buffer with those commands and evaluate. If you are working in the same namespace, then setting a marker would also help, eg. m g and m r then you can use ' g and ' r to jump to the right places and , e f to evaluate. Adding that as a Emacs macro for that could also speed things up and is probably simpler


maybe this is easier indeed


thank you sir ;D

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