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Hi as someone completely new to reagent and all things UI related I'm after some high level guidance. What I have is a SPA that lets me send a message from a text area box to a server and then a bunch of messages return from the server (over Sente) which I currently display as a bunch of list items. So great as a PoC but pretty ugly....


Should I use a table somehow? Can I magically partition the list items and make the area they are in scrollable somehow (ala Slack)? Basically I've no idea what to even search for here.


Any pointers to the toplevel things I should take a look at greatly appreciated.


Hi @mattford if I understand correctly you are looking to improve the UX of your PoC, is that correct?


Yeah something to encapsulate my ever increasing list items


@mattford You can search for "virtualized list" if loading all messages is an issue


You beat me to it! ha


I always find material design guidelines to be useful. And also this site has some pretty good tips

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@U0624D031 I wonder if you are also using tailwindcss in your clojurescript project?


Not yet but a friend of mine is a fan of it and it’s always talking wonders about it. I will give it a shot next time I start a toy project. By the way I notice your first name seems to be in spanish, or is it just a coincidence? @UNL0HK5ME


yeah! But I'm not Spanish. I'm from Philippines, we use some spanish words and names. πŸ™‚


haha cool, fun fact added to my list. BTW how is Clojure usage in your country? Here in Ecuador is practically null. I think we are the only company using it.


I think it's the same here πŸ™‚ What are you using clojure for? Are you using clojure as full-stack?


RIght now, I'm only using clojurescript as hobby. Or I would say as a PoC if I can migrate from javascript. evaluating the browser testing story (unit and integration)


We are using it full-stack but still have a big part of the system written in Python and we are gradually migrating from Python and JS. I’m the co-founder of this startup πŸ™‚

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awesome! πŸ™‚


Wow that looks perfect


Tried to get it working based on this example I found - it uses kw->str and mapifywhich don't seem to present on my setup with the given imports of that example - these seem like they would be core functions but I can't find them - is there a ubiquitous util/helper library of some sort that include these?


I think you should be fine using str instead of kw->str. Regarding mapify - that depends on what :on-row-click handler receives. If you don't need any onclick behavior then you don't even care about this function. If you do need such behavior, just go from what that handler receives and transform the data however you see fit.


Hello. Is there anyone using shadow.markup in your project? EDIT: Or similar ccs-in-js libraries?


Consider it dead at this point. I stopped using it myself and wouldn't recommend starting to use it now.


Oh, sad to hear that. It looks promising css-in-cljs. Would you mind sharing the reason why you stopped using it? What are you using at this point?


I prefer tailwind nowadays


the problem with css-in-cljs or at least the way I implemented it in shadow.markup was that you have to name every single element


and naming is hard and gets annoying in bigger projects


tailwind is also much quicker to write


nice to know you're using tailwindcss as well! πŸ™‚ Yeah I agree against naming everything it. Are you familiar with styled-system?


I'm no longer using react either πŸ˜‰


Can you share the tools/libs you're using? πŸ˜ƒ


I'm just starting to use cljs, and I'm a bit confused which tools to use. How much interop do I need to go


I'm using experimental stuff that I'm writing myself so you should stay away from that for quite a while πŸ™‚


cool! I remember seeing one post of yours, I think from google groups ,mentioning about these tools πŸ™‚ Super excited! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


Thank you for sharing


Hey folks, when doing reagent development from Emacs, which backing repl do you usually choose ? (shadow, figwheel, nashorn and etc)


shadow-cljs is currently my first choice