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Rachel Westmacott16:02:59

Hello, does anyone know how to call a generic method in CLR? I'm attempting to call object.GetComponent<Rendere>() in Arcadia and not having any luck with the interop.

Rachel Westmacott16:02:11

Also I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.


@peterwestmacott> The community for ClojureCLR is on gitter, you’ll get a better response there

Rachel Westmacott14:02:51

Thank you, that's god to know.


@peterwestmacott to add to borkdude's advice, there's an Arcadia channel on gitter. it seems more likely you'll get a better response there. on a side note, you might find selfsame's hard library to be of interest: -- the core.clj file has something near the bottom that may be related to your specific question.

Rachel Westmacott14:02:18

sweet, I'll take a look