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Dear Calva friends: I've pulled in the changes to the comments/ignores/paren highlighting to the dev branch now. I've reached a point where I can't find any more issues myself, so please help me test it by either building the dev branch yourselves and running with that, or install this VSIX package in VS Code (from the Extensions pane meatballs menu):

Filipe Silva11:02:56

installing as my default, will let you know if I see weird stuff

Filipe Silva11:02:31

highlight is not correctly handling anonymous functions and sets


Oh, good find! That should mean paredit doesn't handle them correctly either...

Filipe Silva12:02:19

I have a let that now looks like this

Filipe Silva12:02:15

highlighting got messed up after placed the cursor at the beginning of end and inserted enter+ start ()


Awesome. Keep'em coming!


The highlight of ignored sets and anon fns is an existing bug in the parser that gets exposed now that the highlighting uses the same parser. This is a wild, wild experiment with the parser, but it seems to fix the problem w/o causing new problems. Can you give it a spin?


Can't repro the let box madness here. If you can try shrink your repro down, that would help a lot. (And give me the text 😃 )

Filipe Silva10:02:46

can confirm that highlight is handling anonymous functions correctly, cheers!

Filipe Silva10:02:59

will keep a look out for let box madness and try to distill a repro


Now third most used Clojure dev environment! That's crazy and amazing. Thanks to all of you and your spreading the word!

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calva 4

I'm not surprised 🙂 it works really well and has this "works out of box" experience. It behaves quite good even on Windows where shell is a source of a friction.

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I think Calva has a disproportionate share of the Windows users as well. 😃

Filipe Silva11:02:36

is there a way to change the default comment from ; to ;;?

Filipe Silva11:02:00

I'm not very aware of the significance of ;;, it seems some editors pick up on it and do things

Filipe Silva11:02:21

and it also seems like a lot of code snippets I see online use ;;

Filipe Silva11:02:35

there might be a deeper meaning there I'm not aware of

Filipe Silva11:02:23

in the codebase I'm on right now, colleagues use another editor and I'd like to match their comment style to reduce friction


Is this for commenting a bunch of lines?

Filipe Silva11:02:43

no, for a single one


But it some command to comment the line, right?

Filipe Silva12:02:43

I have this line

(log/debugf "listening on link")
I place my cursor on it and press ctrl+/, it is commented like so
; (log/debugf "listening on link")

Filipe Silva12:02:57

I assumed it was calva, but maybe it's just vscode that knows the comment character


Yes, but Calva can probably override it.


There might even be a setting for it.

Filipe Silva12:02:21

I was looking at that

Filipe Silva12:02:50

there's actually a Preferences: configure language specific settings command

Filipe Silva12:02:15

running it takes me to the preferences json file with the language setting inserted

Filipe Silva12:02:31

"[clojure]": {

Filipe Silva12:02:57

but unfortunately comments doesn't seem to be overridable

Filipe Silva12:02:43

unsure if this means that it can't be overriden overall (even by extensions)


It's probably overridable in language config. Otherwise we can make our own command easy peasy.

Filipe Silva13:02:10

open an issue about it

Filipe Silva13:02:34

seems there's a convention around ; for inline comments and ;; for standalone comments

Filipe Silva13:02:01

and then also ;;; and ;;;;

Filipe Silva13:02:13

that's a lot of different comment formats with different meanings


lisp... 😃


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getting some weird highlighting artifacts


cleared that up