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Filipe Silva13:02:02

heya, a question please

Filipe Silva13:02:13

what's this panel? is it a calva thing?

Filipe Silva13:02:40

it shows up when I press space inside forms

Filipe Silva13:02:17

I couldn't quite find it listed in the calva options so I'm not super sure it's a calva thing... but I'd like to maybe turn it off for a while

Filipe Silva13:02:41

I find myself pressing escape all the time to get it out of the way so I can see the code that it appears over


It's a vscode setting. Editor -> Parameter hints


Then you can open the panel at will instead, shift+cmd+space on Mac. That's what i do.

Filipe Silva13:02:39

thank you, that feels a bit better to me as well

Filipe Silva13:02:11

I don't quite remember this bothering me as much outside of clojure for some reason, maybe I fiddled with the options at some point and forgot about it


It's the same for me. Dunno why it is so... But I kinda prefer to pick it up at will also for other languages even if not as annoying with the pop up there.

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BTW. Calva has a setting for including a bit of the docs to that panel. Which is convenient since you then do not always have to hover over the function symbol to see the docs.

Filipe Silva11:02:41

is that Show docstring in parameter help?

Filipe Silva11:02:06

tried turning it on/off and seeing the parameter help, but it didn't look different

Filipe Silva11:02:20

I'll keep it on though, maybe I need a restart of the editor

Filipe Silva11:02:24

thanks for the tip!

Corneliu Hoffman20:02:46

Is there an abvious way to control the indentation? It seems it is only one space instead of 2 for me.


I’m wanting to raise the heap size for my JVM. Though what I have read so far all points out using the -O from the command line. Is there a way to configure it in deps.edn where I can jack-in with cider as normal.


@grounded_sage there is a jackInEnv setting that you probably can use for this. iirc there are environment variables for the java options.


@corneliu.hoffman not currently. But there is a PR that fixes this. Please help test it: