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you might consider [... :where ... [(untuple ?period) [?starts ?ends]] ...]


that’s exactly what I wanted… the docs for untuple confused me


I'm trying to run tests in github actions (just clojure -A:test command) and it seems it doesn't find datomic jars (I have the s3 releases bucket as a repo)


specifically the com.datomic/ion {:mvn/version "0.9.35"} can't be found


My first guess would be missing aws credentials. You need to be authed to fetch from that repo.


I don't think our codebuild in aws is authed, it's just in the n. virginia region


In Datomic cloud, is it possible to do a dry run of a retractEntity. That is, have it return what it would retract but not actual do the retraction?


Thanks @lanejo01! That did the trick


datomic cloud question: We are attempting to set up a new cloudformation stack of an existing system (existing ions code, datomic schema, and data) The stack is setup, schema is transacted and we're attempting to confirm that data is loaded. When executing a query via HTTP through API gateway an exception is thrown. It appears to happen on the invocation to datomic.client.api/connect. The relevant stack trace lines are:

"Cause": "Supplied AttributeValue is empty, must contain exactly one of the supported datatypes (Service: AmazonDynamoDBv2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: ValidationException; Request ID: JF41UQTURAKQ0ITO8LFP94LBEVVV4KQNSO5AEMVJF66Q9)"
                "At": [
The config map supplied to connect are read from amazon SSM parameters:
(defn cloud-db-config []
  {:server-type :ion
   :region      (ssm/get-ssm-param "region")
   :system      (ssm/get-ssm-param "system")
   :endpoint    (ssm/get-db-endpoint)
   :timeout     (ssm/get-ssm-param "timeout")
   :proxy-port  8182})
I believe these values are all present in SSM (I have to debug through an ops team member due to restricted environment access... so taking their word for it) We confirmed that we can query the database from a REPL connection by passing a manually constructed db-config map. I'm wondering if anyone has seem something like this before or if there is something obvious that I'm overlooking.