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Yeah, that’s nice, although it also seems CIDER’s market share has slowly been eroding the past couple of years.


I’ll have to check previous surveys, but I recall there was a time it was sitting at 50%. On the bright side - it’s great to see that the biggest star of the user (Calva) is pretty much CIDER’s sibling.


A proud CIDER sibling! ❤️


Diversity is a good thing. I think it indicates different backgrounds coming to clojure, not people leaving.


Yeah, I agree.


My statistics indicates that Clojure has grown considerably since last survey. So the CIDER user base has probably grown a lot, even w/o the sibling.


@pez How did figure out the community has been growing? I recall reading some article stating the opposite (I think they were tracking the Clojurians Slack and Clojure’s Reddit or something like this).


Two data points. One is homebrew download statistics of clojure. The other is Calva's user base that started to grow steadily some months ago, and I can't find any Calva mention anywhere that would explain it. It is reasonable to assume that Calva has a bit higher share of the Clojure growth, so the Calva user stats should be an early indicator.


I posted a screenshot of a Calva user stats graph as a reply on Alex's announcement, which shows the growth a bit.


Got it. CIDER’s download statistics are not very useful, as most people use snapshot builds and I can’t get a breakdown by version for the stable builds.


I see that the total number of stable downloads is just 16k for the entire life of the project (on MELPA Stable at least), which means we don’t really have that many users - maybe a couple of thousand.


Clojure is tiny. 😀


We have 33 students signed up to learn Clojure this weekend at ClojureBridge London. There are also lots of people joining this slack community all the time. So Clojure continues to grow.


i think this was always the lisp story. a steady but not huge user base. i am sure paul graham wrote about this at some point


l33t time!! :)