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@ramart I spoke with my colleagues again today and we agreed to just all have dinner at the pre-party. If you can check if there's also vegan options, that would be great!


Additionally, I have nut allergy, so if there's vegan options without nuts/peanuts that would be even greater 🙂


cc @wichtrup (I noticed you were here as well!)

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:25

I am aware and take care of the nuts!


❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:25

What about sesame and coconut? (That comes at the warm Up) At the Get together there will be no nuts. The conference caterer is double checking 2 components, I wil keep you updated / offer an alternative.


sesame and coconut are fine for me


I can deal with some nuts like cashew and almonds, but to keep it simple I usually say no nuts at all (including peanuts)


all seeds (sesame, sunflower, chia) are fine

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:33

Ok, great, thank you!


Hi, what’s the name of the Latin/Guatemalan (I think that it’s Guatemalan) place that everybody goes to on Fridays, the night before the conf? Thanks


that latin place that everyone went to a few years ago was trespassers


@dotemacs The pre-party is at Nante-Eck, although that's probably German?


Yea, I just double checked… I remember there was some sort of a split one year, where people went to two different places for some reason… but then I just remember the Latin one because I went to it a few times… So I guess it’s Nante-Eck this year?


Years ago, there were two warm-ups. One for the sponsors, speakers and team, and one open for all. But we changed that in... don’t know... 2016? It‘s one for the community! Pre-conference Warm-up and Get-Together after the conf can be found here:


I like that!

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:29

@dotemacs maybe you mean we have been 3 years ago. The boss was super nice, food good but this group was big and then it was quiete cozy and the sweet water was a bit relaxed..hihi, but was a great evening!


Yea, that’s the one @wichtrup 🙂


I don't know of any alternative underground pre-party in a Latin place, so I'm going to the official one 🙂

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:29

We will have vegan options for every meal! For the Warm Up @ Nante Eck, we please need you help, as we only have a small choice and we have to order extra, as they are so packed this friday. I am setting up a straw poll and share the link within the next minutes. We will upload the menues for :clojureD and the Get on together next wednesday and share the link. Next year we will change the location again and are happy for recommendations! Thank you @socksy! (It is not so easy to find a place for an unforeseeable group reservation, even in Berlin )


@wichtrup Want me to share this with my colleagues as well?

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:06

@borkdude yes, that would be lovely! Thank you!


@wichtrup small detail: "marinated sheep cheese" isn't vegan, but it is vegetarian 😃


since there are multiple options, I guess that doesn't matter, just wanted to inform you

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:16

@borkdude oh will come without the cheese! 🤯 Thank you so much ! I will make a new one!


ok, if you will also throw it onto the clojureD twitter, I'd be happy to retweet it 🙂

👍 4
Sandra Wichtrup16:02:15

🙂 that's the plan 😎 thank you!

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:52

Please order your vegan meal and help us with just 1 click ! Here comes the little (sorry) choice for our Warm Up @ Nante Eck Please choose latest on Monday 24 Feb. Thank you so much! 💕