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Filipe Silva11:02:30

@iagwanderson I'm not sure it's a bug or not

Filipe Silva11:02:49

but I think what's happening is that conn-from-datoms is not the same as conn + transact!

Filipe Silva11:02:08

rather, it's the same as getting all the datoms from an existing conn and giving them to another

Filipe Silva11:02:45

and since an existing conn has no retractions expressed in its datom set, conn-from-datoms doesn't account for it

Filipe Silva11:02:01

so maybe it's a bug, maybe not, depends on the intended semantics

Filipe Silva11:02:14

I'd open an issue for it in your case and let the author chime in

Filipe Silva11:02:53

if I had to bet, there isn't much of a reason to make conn-from-datoms behave as transactions though

Filipe Silva11:02:58

that would slow it down

Filipe Silva11:02:09

and you can already just do transactions anyway


@filipematossilva thanks for the explanation, I will make a small reproducible case for this scenario and open an issue to debate with more concrete information