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@pez I think I have an issue with the REPL window that is sort of hard to explain, but I'm not seeing certain log statements. I'm using timbre for logging, and I have an application that runs several different go loops. Those go-loops have log statements in them that are not showing in the calva repl window (some are showing from certain code files, but I'm not sure what determines which ones show up). If I start a repl manually and run my application without the calva repl window (like in powershell), I see all the log statements from any part of the code that logs, but when I run it from the calva repl window, I only see some of the logs. Do you know if this could be a thread issue or something?


Oh, also the type of logging (timbre) doesn't seem to be the issue. I tried println statements as well from the parts that I couldn't see logs from, and I couldn't see the println statements either.


@brandon.ringe, that certainly sounds like a bug that is hard to track down! You don’t happen to have Emacs around and can test if it behaves as expected there? I bet it does, but at least we would know that we should look for the bug in Calva and not in something nrepl-ish.


@pez I do not have emacs, but I can verify with a coworker who does when they are around.

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@pez The logging works as expected in emacs.


Thanks for checking that. Please file this as an issue. And if you can, a small repro example would help a lot.


@pez Okay, I'll see if I can repro.


I just posted an unrelated issue, but I'll post the other one soon.

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