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I am having trouble producing a production build for my app using boot-cljs, the final jar seems to include the dev build of react even tho I have :optimizations set to :advanced, any suggestions to fix this? (made a SO post with more details here:

eccentric J18:06:51

Does this happen if you use another build tool like shadow or specific to boot-cljs?


I haven't tried a diffrerent build tool, I don't want to port the build file to leiningen if I can help it. I haven't used shadow-cljs, will that work for a combined clj/cljs application?

eccentric J23:06:18

Understandable, I wasn’t suggesting you switch build tools permanently. It’s more an idea just to debug this issue by trying to compile the cljs part with Shadow CLJS to rule out if it’s a behavior of the compiler itself, configuration, or specific to the boot-cljs.