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Are you on the latest cider and supporting libs? nRepl, cider-middleware etc. I think I remember similar mysterious issues that went away after an update.


If you are, I’d look into the various cider / sessman functions to try and see what cider thinks about your buffers. I always found the session management of cider to be a little confusing, probably because I don’t know much about emacs/sessman.


Yeah, yeah. The documentation definitely needs some improvement. 🙂


Very simply put on jack-in REPLs are mapped to the project that created them, so you can switch easily between REPLs for different projects and you won’t evaluate code from one project in the REPL for another project by accident.


Everything on the subject (which is admittedly not much) lives here


Generally the common problem people encounter is that they try to evaluate code in files that CIDER doesn’t consider part of the project owning the REPL. Turned out we didn’t initially consider all the setups people could possibly have. 🙂

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Might be a dumb question but I am new to using deps.edn but is there anything special that you need to do so CIDER sees deps that exist in a Test alias ? After jacking in it cannot find deps that exist in that alias for my test source.


you need that alias. run the jack in with a prefix argument. (C-u C-c M-j) and it will let you edit the startup command. you can stick the alias on there