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Conjure v0.18.0 is out! > Clojure (and ClojureScript) tooling for Neovim over a socket prepl connection.. This includes the last breaking change I had in mind, declarative prepl connections through a .conjure.edn file If you're a Neovim user and like the idea of using socket prepls for development I'd really appreciate some feedback in #conjure. There's still so many changes I want to make but they'll be less drastic from here on out, it's mainly under the hood or quality of life until a v1.0.0 I'm happy with. Enjoy!

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Cool stuff! I think you should have this text in the beginning of this post and at the very top of the readme: Clojure (and ClojureScript) tooling for Neovim over a socket prepl connection.


Ah, yeah, it's one of the first lines in the readme but I suppose I could put it in this message too.


(I was reading from a mobile and then it wasn't immediately obvious what Conjure is.)


It could be just me, but I think it is more important than knowing that you're not on 1.0.0 yet. I would swap those two paragraphs.


Ah fair enough! I'll swap those over.


I think I'll be trying this out to get some inspiration for what to focus Calva on. I'm an old vi-person, so that makes me extra curious. 😃


Of course! I've been trying to keep up with any other similar tools, including Calva. vim-iced is another one in the vim world that's worth having a look at. I'm hoping my log buffer / configuration approach might be cool for other people to take ideas from.


I think my ethos is a little weird too, I don't want to incur a single dependency in your project, everything required for the tooling is part of the tooling. Apart from the config file I guess...


I'm not sure it's weird. I know people who has that as a requirement for using a tool.


I've been helping to test out the plugin, works really well. Onwards and upwards!


New blog post and accompanying library: ClojureScript logging with goog.log

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ohhh! I've had this on my list for a looooong time!


@U07FP7QJ0 does this support logging clojure datastructures and having them formatted with cljs devtools?


I can't find a mention of this but I know that @U5H74UNSF and others have been working on something in that direction


You can, see the part about using your own handler together with identity as a formatter. Maybe that should be made easier though.


That has always been an issue for me when using goog.log, could be worth highlighting this more in the announcement and mentioning cljs-devtools explicitly


The GCL is truly a super power. It is not talked about enough so thank you for this :thumbsup:


You're very welcome!


Kudos, well written and great for people getting started. We need more of this kind of stuff in the clojure community.

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@U050TNB9F thinking about it some more I think you'll have to use your own handler which copies some of the stuff from goog.debug.Console, in particular choosing the right js/console function based on the log level. The rest is fairly trivial. I'll see if I can add that to the post and library. (I hadn't really thought about that since I'm a firefox user, so no devtools for me).


>Giving your library a Finnish name is all the rage these days, so I’m going with Glögi (am I doing this right?). I can confirm that’s definitely a badass name.

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Oh, yes! Completely forgot you complement you on your hype-ready naming strategy! 👌🙌😂


I've also expanded the post to cover how to use this in CLJC files (combine with pedestal log), and to mention devtools.


@U07FP7QJ0 minor typo here "It’s really good at what at does"

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