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@vlaaad and now I remembered to fix that aliases jack-in issue. V 2.0.6.


I personally can't see myself going to back to using text search for finding usages, so I'll stick to cursive for now... Which is a shame, vscode/calva looks very neat otherwise


Good to know. I’d welcome a feature request on github with that. Not sure what it would take to implement, but anyway.


@pez refactor-nrepl has it, and I think cider is getting a weaker version of it


Thanks! I created the issue now: Anyone with knowledge about it, please add info to that issue. (And of course, feel invited to go ahead with the implementation.)

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Hi guys, first of all, I would like to congratulate the work on Calva 2.0, I've been using and it's awesome! There's a famous test framework called Midje( and i noticed that calva-fmt is not identing the macros from this framework with 2 spaces like deftest and others. Example:

(facts "when foo meets bar"
       (is (= 2 (+ 1 1)))
where the correct(i think) should be:
(facts "when foo meets bar"
  (is (= 2 (+ 1 1))))
I would like to ask if this is a valid issue to calva-fmt, Can I open a PR for that problem?


Welcome @ericdallo ! Glad you like it! Yes, please open an issue. Or, rather, search for one first, I don't remember if it has been requested there about the ability to help Calva with formatting rules. It is often coming up in here though. And please file the issue on the Calva repo, the calva-fmt repo is not active any longer.


Thank you @pez, I've searched before posting here and there's no open/closed issues related to this problem with Midje. I'll open a issue then in the Calva repo.


I don't think it is specific to Midje. What is needed is a way to feed Calva with clj-fmt config maps.


But please mention your use case in the issue.


hum, I see, makes sense, I will!


Thank you!

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I found this open issue, but I'm not sure if is the same problem:


Yeah, there's the issue. I've been focusing on other things a while now. 😀 Chime in on that one!

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