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And @borkdude thanks also for being on the defn podcast: It was a delightful and educational listen!


@borkdude i am getting what look like some duplicate results when running clj-kondo (3797573ebe1dfb1689f819dcaa0777cd1060caa4) on

src/cljfmt/core.cljc:13:19: warning: namespace cljs.reader is required but never used
src/cljfmt/core.cljc:285:8: warning: unused binding sym
src/cljfmt/core.cljc:285:12: warning: unused binding alias-map
src/cljfmt/core.cljc:285:30: warning: unused binding args
linting took 77ms, errors: 0, warnings: 7
the last three warnings show up a second time in the :findings vector returned as a part of the map returned from the clojure api function run!


@sogaiu this is probably because a CLJC file is linted twice, once as Clj and once as Cljs. The unduplication happens in the print function, but should probably moved to an earlier stage, something I forgot when making the Clojure API


If you can make a ticket so I don’t forget, I’m on mobile


@borkdude thanks, i will make an issue


I just ran into something that eastwood would flag as a "suspicious test" something like (t/is 5 4). Is this something clj-kondo is interested in catching?


lol, finally figured out the name 🙂 very nice.