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Need your help again, folks. Testing out the new repl window I often get into trouble of where to place it to always having it visible while also needing to monitor the output of some task or something else happening in the panel. Since the repl window can’t be contributed as a panel item, and instead must be a sort of editor vscode limits where we can place it. So, filed a feature request for the ability to move editor tabs around more freely. Please go there and give it your thumbs up!


If you want to help test the coming repl window while also benefitting from the fixes to Calva master that have been released I recommend building your Calva from this branch:


would it be hard to make a small video / series of images demonstrating the difficulty? i am having trouble understanding the description.


I'll try to make a picture of it.


There, I added some pics that hopefully makes it a bit clearer:


thanks! i understand the content a fair bit better -- though i am still struggling to tell the first two images apart. it feels like those puzzles where you're supposed to find x number of differences in 2 images 🙂


i even have them in two different windows side-by-side...


and the ironic thing is, i am one of those users with a smaller screen 😜


i think i understand the suggestion in any case and i agree. on a related note, i am reminded of the ability in some other apps (perhaps this isn't common any more) to undock portions of the UI as well as freely arrange panels and such things...