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Isn’t the print-method default to print #error {:cause ... :via ... :trace ...} now? In lein repl it’s using the equivalent of pr which falls through to print-method


but in CIDER it’ll use cider-print-fn


So is C-c C-c the approved solution to stop a function evaluation? I think I'm inadvertently creating some infinite loop situations and then panicky hitting C-c a few times (and throwing in a C-g every now and then just in case). But then the repl and inline evaluation seems to act funky still. Like afterwards, sometimes normal eval'ing something simple like (+ 1 2) doesn't work and I end up killing the repl and starting it all over.


It’s C-c C-c in REPL buffers but C-c C-b in other buffers I think. You should see Evaluation interrupted. in the echo area when it succeeds